Oh the weekend..


To say this weekend has been the best in a while, is an understatement. No longer am I shackled to the couch, bound to remain there for fear that the the simple process of sitting up would leave me searing in pain. No longer do I wince in fear when the cutest boy on the planet does a running leap into my arms. No longer do I dig through piles of workout clothes to find the most stretched out elastic waist band to gently rest on my swollen and tender stomach. No, my loyal followers, I will no longer be imprisoned by my ovary!! I will rise up and tackle this like a man…a questionable, possible “drug” using man, with only one testicle! Oh yea Lance, look out, I’m not on drugs and prefer a comfortable 18-19mph on the bike, have only one ovary, and I’m back..be afraid!

All that being said, I may be high on the best apple pie ever!! Although, I don’t think they will take away my tile of 2011, Canton 1st place female, for the consumption of pie. Unless it is a conspiracy to get my recipe…although they could just read my blog to find that one out!

Coop and I went out for a nice easy ride this morning. It felt nice, even though I couldn’t feel my toes :-(. Oh and I did “crash” by crashing I mean couldn’t get unclipped and did a standing slow mo fall to the pavement, where I laid and laughed for a minute because it was so funny. Jane (aka tri bike) attempted to break the lady bits with no avail (If I were the real lance, I’m sure I would still be holding my bits laying on the ground! Oh the joys of being a female!). Overall the ride consisted of a lot of laughing and country nose blowing…I don’t like riding in the cold!! Time to put Jane up until (60 degree weather returns) and rest Eleanor in the trainer.

Hmmmmm Pinterest Recipes:



I can not believe I’m sharing this information!  This is by far one of my favorite recipes of all time.  It tastes like heaven! Everyone who has tried it loves it.  It is really rich, and you need to have a strong cup of black coffee to eat the whole thing, but you will eat all of it and lick your fingers after, and possibly go back for another.

And may the road rise to meet you!


Maiden Voyage!!


Well…we all know that following rules is not really my thing. In some ways, I feel that they don’t apply to me. In others, I feel like they were meant to be broken, but mostly I just see them as a chalk outline of a common path. And what can I say, when two roads diverge in a wood, I prefer the one less traveled by. 2 weeks and 4 days after my surgery…I took a path, outlined by my faithful running buddy that lasted 6.28 miles of pure bliss.
Now some of you are rolling your eyes right now (I know who you are)! But, the doctor said, I can do anything as long as it doesn’t hurt. Guess what..it didn’t hurt! Not even a little. No pulling, twinging, tugging, aching…pure bliss!! As far as I’m concerned, I’m following doctors orders, and healing like a champ! Can’t wait to do I again!

On to Pinterest news: today’s yummyness…apple pie!! It’s Paula Deans recipe…yum!!! (Calorie free). It’s baking right now and smells amazing..here is the before:


I’ll update with the after as soon as it is done!

Finished pie aka amazing, heart warming mmmmmmm….

For those out there enjoying the run, may the road rise to meet you!


I failed…


Life as a “sick” leave mom is crazy!! Some days I’m amazed by how much I can get done while at work (pat on my back). 

Yesterday, I failed to make a pinterest anything!  This post is a fraud…but I will put up a few recipes that I have tried and loved!!!

Peach Bars – http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/dessert/cake/peachy-keen-bars.html#.T2CUyHsx2zh.pinterest

Peachy Keen Bars Recipe

Some times recipes need a little messing with…and this one is no different.  Although the full fat version has to be fantastic, the 1/2 fat version is wonderful!  I used 8oz of non-fat Greek Yogurt in place of the cream cheese.  3 egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs.  And fresh peaches instead of canned.  My review…AMAZING! I even tested them out on my cousin and her 2 roomies @ ISU…they also loved them!  What not to try…do not substitute butter for applesauce here!! It will not work, I tried..and failed. 


Yes…this is my all time favorite!! Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake



Blueberry lemon cheesecake bars

Lemon is my current and unbreakable favorite when it comes to sweets!! I made this recipe 100 times this summer, that could explain why I gained weight over the summer.  I will tell you I used fat free cream cheese, and I will bank on that being a good thing! I also tried it with raspberries (not so good); My recommendation: Make this, Eat the whole thing and don’t feel a bit guilty because if ever there was something to not feel guilty about, it would be this!


Alright…that will be my redemption!  And now for fun things going on in my life.

From time to time I question the amount of time I spend away from my family hitting to road on my bike or running.  Today, I have removed my guilt and embraced the amazing lesson I’m teaching my children: Exercise is a wonderful, healthy, lifestyle and they are getting to learn it first hand. 

They have no idea what it is like to live in a house where mom is home at 5am on Saturday morning and not out running. Or dad is home right after work…because he is on the bike.

They think that dates consist of riding 40-80 miles on hot days with a group of smelly, funny, spandex wearing people. 

They keep trying to convince me that we need another dog…so that I have someone to run with all the time. 

They know that cars do not just hit other cars but people on bikes as well (and give me extra hugs when I go out for a ride). 

They think that Annie and Cooper are always sweaty when they see them (because chances are, they were just running).

They think everyone should have a foam roller and know how to use it.

Below shows you that they have bought into our lifestyle and they enjoy it!

Addi & I Run/Ride
Foam Rolling
The only one up and able to wait for the early morning run with me. 🙂

Until next time, May the road rise to meet you!




Everyone who reads this (all 2 of you) know how much I love food and love to cook. I figure, that I’m feeling great, eating healthy and working out so maybe I should share some of the amazing things that I have been making. It’s my goal to make one pinterest recipe a day until I go back to school. Today, I made two. And I’m including a few that knocked my socks off over the last few weeks.

1. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/football-party-recipes-3

skinny chocolate oatmeal cookies

These are chocolate, kind of, I can’t seem to taste it to much, it could be because of the cinnamon in it over powers the cookie. And it kind of tastes like raisins, but doesn’t have any in it…how does that happen?

Overall 2/5 stars It looks like a cookies, smells like a cookie, but could taste 10 times better. (I’ll work on tweaking the recipe to make it amazing and healthy.) The one main bonus is…it’s only 40 calories! So, I can have 2 or 3 and not feel to bad about life. Also, because it has whole oats, it is really filling!

Next up…..


Peanut butter, banana…oats..ok I’ll try!

Wholly cow!! These take 30 minutes to cook!! Who has that kind of time…cookies should never take more than 12-15 min to cook. If i would have known what kind of commitment this would have been I would have stopped before I peeled the bananas! That being said, they are still cooking. I did add Reese’s Pieces to the mix…what could be bad about that? And while peering through the glass, they really are looking a lot better then the mess that I slopped onto the tray 10 minutes ago.

A few facts…62 calories each and there is no flower…just oats and protein powder (lean1)

Ok…out of the oven and if you keep your expectations pretty low and get a Reese’s Pieces in every bite…not bad. So, here’s the thing, they are healthy cookies, low in calories and packed with protein, fiber and potassium, honestly we all knew they were not going to taste like tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, that melt in your mouth and make you want to hug complete strangers. These are also considered breakfast cookies, so the over whelming banana may taste better in the AM with some coffee and after a run. I could grab a few of these on my way out the door and be completely happy leaving my chocolate peppermint stick Luna bar until tomorrow.

SOUP!! Chicken Tortilla!


This soup is amazing!!! I did not add cheese or sour cream and only a few tortilla chips. It is soooo yummy!! I used roasted frozen corn instead of canned, I used taco season instead of the listed seasonings. I also did not cut up and onion and add it. This made enough to fill my medium sized crock pot and the hardest part was opening all the cans. 🙂 This is a must try for a school night dinner!

Oh and if you were wondering…80 calories for 1.5 cups!!

Alright…all this food talk is making me hungry!! Time for lunch!

If you read my blog (yea you) and you want to try the cookies, let me know, I’ll share! My children were switched at birth and somehow I got someones kids who don’t like peanut butter, crazy I know. But, I love them to much to return them to the wretched women who doesn’t like peanut butter, I will continue to convert them…slowly.

Workout log for the day: 1 hour on the bike…squats, lunges, arms (btw..arms are a little sore from yesterday!).

Week 2


This week marks the two week post surgery day I have been waiting for.  It is crazy to think how far I have come in just 13 days.  I have hit some great milestones that have made me so happy!

Milestone 1 – Sleeping on my stomach. It has been so nice to be able to sleep for a full 6 hours with pure comfort.  (How did I make it through two pregnancies?)

Milestone 2 – No Meds!! I have not had Advil for my surgery for almost a week now!

Milestone 3 – I’m back on the bike, spinning it out or going slow on the trail. Look at that cheesy smile, can you tell I’m a little excited to be back on Eleanor?


Milestone 4 – Back in the pool! Today was my first day back in the pool and it was fantastic!! I spent way longer then I expected.  55 min 10 with my awesome neighbor Alberto instructing me on making my stroke more efficient! Who knows maybe this whole surgery will have some benefit (other then pain relief).   

Milestone 5 – soon to come- Running!!!

I can’t believe how great I feel.  I have more energy everyday, my bed time keeps getting later, my endurance is increasing.  I’m starting to feel like myself again!  

The coffee hound has been my new hang out…good coffee and the seats are different from my couch! Oh and my coffee never looks this pretty at home! Image

I also sit watching cars…..our road is crazy, with Washington St. closed lots of stupid people getting angry about traffic makes for good entertainment! Oh and I have been neglecting the mirror… what is going on with my hair?


Addi hit a huge milestone this weekend, made her first apple muffins, they were awesome.  All Cal helped her with was reaching the pans.  Ah….another baker in the family, no one will ever complain about this!Image

I still have 2 more weeks out of work.  I didn’t understand it at first but it takes a lot of energy when I’m healthy to command a classroom, if I went back now, I’d be in bed by 5 o’clock.  I’m going to use this time to rest up, get stronger, and look at some new lessons to inspire my students.  

I hope this post finds you well! 

For those running in this beautiful weather, may the road rise to meet you! 

Best Day Yet!


Today was really busy (if you compare it to the last 3 days). We all woke up bright and early when my favorite little boy climbed in my bed and informed me that it was morning. After that, we all got up, made breakfast and watched the 1st part of Ants (a completely inappropriate children’s movie). Addi went to school and then Cal and I went to Casey’s Flower Shop to pick up my new “We Care Twin Cities 1/2” tshirt! Then off to Cal’s work to mail thank you’s. – a lot of walking! After a quick nap and lunch, we went for a 1/2 mile walk.

A short while later, Coop picked Addi and I up and we went and saw The Strange Life Of Timothy Green! It was a great movie! It was great to get out of the house. Im sure Calvin enjoyed the alone time! Then we came home for dinner, chatting and now bed!

I feel amazing today! I did a lot and thought it would catch up with me, so far so good! I feel amazing!! I hope I keep making this much progress!

Again, to remind you, Lance did not heal this quick!

For those who are embracing the 79 degree running weather for tomorrow…may the road rise to meet you!
For those of you not running…go, enjoy, embrace, smell, feel and have a blast, life is not to be experienced from a couch!

Home Sweet Home…and more


Alright!!! I’m out of the hospital and home recovering!! If you have ever spent 20 minutes in a hospital bed, you will know how great this is!

The Doctor came in around 6:00 to sign discharge papers. He came with some great news, he thinks that I will heal a lot faster than the average person. Thanks to running, biking and swimming, I am the picture of health! He did not give me a back to work date, but I’m hoping for 3 weeks instead of 4-6.

Cal and I enjoyed fabulous PBJs for dinner before we left the hospital. When we got home, I could not wait to crawl into my bed and sleep!! My neck is so sore from the hospital bed, it hurts more than my tummy. My bed was pure heaven!

After sleeping for 5 hours in a row, I got up to pee, a great idea, (Calvin doesn’t like it when I wet the bed). I rolled out, scurried down the hall and then, passed out. Apparently eating, and not getting up to fast are 2 necessities post surgery! Calvin promptly picked me up off the bathroom floor, helped me back into bed and called my mommy for comfort. I was freaking out, he and mom were so calm and pointed out how stupid I was! After and hour of eating and getting comfortable, I was back to sleep.

6:30am my two favorite people came into my room with my breakfast menu! Addi is the best little nurse. She promptly brought me my order (she is way faster than the hospital and it was still hot!). Lincoln is unsure what to do. He knows I have a booboo on my tummy and he can’t hug me, sit on my lap or be held. I think he is kind of sad because he is such a snuggler and I am sad too, he gives the best hugs in the world!

I want to thank everyone for being so helpful! I am so grateful for my friends and family, i could not ask for better people to take care of me! I love you!

I’m sure I’ll be back to myself in no time! Right now, I’m enjoying time with Cal hanging out, watching tv and catching up the some magazines!

For those of you on trails…may the road rise to meet you and my I be Lance Armstronging your butt in no time!




Patty, Eric & Ali thanks for the flowers.

Addi & Lincoln (and Calvin) thanks for the flowers.

Mom: thanks for the food, hugs and late night phone calls!
My fall risk bracelet has a whole new meaning!! I love it even more now that I can joke about face planting in the bathroom (btw no known injuries from the fall!).