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Turkey Trot Of Sorts


Well this has been an interesting an unexpected week! I have been slacking on my runs. Really, I just don’t feel like being cold!! The 1st mile my teeth chatter and I want to crawl back into my house and sit on the heater vent. But I did drag myself out 3 times this week and I always feel better after! I did get my butt handed to me on the trainer a few times this week!! Thanks to BCF hosting the Tuesday trainer rides!!

Wednesday is always a crazy day at school with the kids and turkey ball. Came home, and had a great diner with my parents and then picked out our Christmas tree!! After all that fun we got all snuggled up in bed to awoken by a puke covered son and the joy of cleaning up vomit while half awake. Poor little man continued for 24 hours, I felt so bad for him! He and I missed thanksgiving at the in laws. We stayed home and looked at adds and watched super hero squad. Thank goodness he finally felt better! Unfortunately the amount of laundry he created lasted longer than his flu!

I needed to get out of the house so we headed to my parents after 16 hours of normal Linc. And went For the best run, it was with Hannah, Kris and Cal for 4.5 yesterday, it was our delayed turkey trot!! It is so nice just to spend time with the people I love. We followed our run up with family Thanksgiving with my parents.

Today has been the typical day for a shut in. Cleaning,laundry and turkey sandwiches!

Until next time, may the road rise to meet you!







Oh the weekend..


To say this weekend has been the best in a while, is an understatement. No longer am I shackled to the couch, bound to remain there for fear that the the simple process of sitting up would leave me searing in pain. No longer do I wince in fear when the cutest boy on the planet does a running leap into my arms. No longer do I dig through piles of workout clothes to find the most stretched out elastic waist band to gently rest on my swollen and tender stomach. No, my loyal followers, I will no longer be imprisoned by my ovary!! I will rise up and tackle this like a man…a questionable, possible “drug” using man, with only one testicle! Oh yea Lance, look out, I’m not on drugs and prefer a comfortable 18-19mph on the bike, have only one ovary, and I’m afraid!

All that being said, I may be high on the best apple pie ever!! Although, I don’t think they will take away my tile of 2011, Canton 1st place female, for the consumption of pie. Unless it is a conspiracy to get my recipe…although they could just read my blog to find that one out!

Coop and I went out for a nice easy ride this morning. It felt nice, even though I couldn’t feel my toes :-(. Oh and I did “crash” by crashing I mean couldn’t get unclipped and did a standing slow mo fall to the pavement, where I laid and laughed for a minute because it was so funny. Jane (aka tri bike) attempted to break the lady bits with no avail (If I were the real lance, I’m sure I would still be holding my bits laying on the ground! Oh the joys of being a female!). Overall the ride consisted of a lot of laughing and country nose blowing…I don’t like riding in the cold!! Time to put Jane up until (60 degree weather returns) and rest Eleanor in the trainer.

Hmmmmm Pinterest Recipes:


I can not believe I’m sharing this information!  This is by far one of my favorite recipes of all time.  It tastes like heaven! Everyone who has tried it loves it.  It is really rich, and you need to have a strong cup of black coffee to eat the whole thing, but you will eat all of it and lick your fingers after, and possibly go back for another.

And may the road rise to meet you!

Maiden Voyage!!


Well…we all know that following rules is not really my thing. In some ways, I feel that they don’t apply to me. In others, I feel like they were meant to be broken, but mostly I just see them as a chalk outline of a common path. And what can I say, when two roads diverge in a wood, I prefer the one less traveled by. 2 weeks and 4 days after my surgery…I took a path, outlined by my faithful running buddy that lasted 6.28 miles of pure bliss.
Now some of you are rolling your eyes right now (I know who you are)! But, the doctor said, I can do anything as long as it doesn’t hurt. Guess didn’t hurt! Not even a little. No pulling, twinging, tugging, aching…pure bliss!! As far as I’m concerned, I’m following doctors orders, and healing like a champ! Can’t wait to do I again!

On to Pinterest news: today’s yummyness…apple pie!! It’s Paula Deans recipe…yum!!! (Calorie free). It’s baking right now and smells is the before:


I’ll update with the after as soon as it is done!

Finished pie aka amazing, heart warming mmmmmmm….

For those out there enjoying the run, may the road rise to meet you!


It has been a long time…..


5 days…that is all it takes to find yourself going crazy missing your favorite thing. I am currently going through the five stages of dying…sounds dramatic but I will show you…

(Day 1) Denial- surly the doctor did not say that I can not run or bike. Anger also took over as I was forced to go to the pool to take out my aggression…hitting the trail works better!

(Day 2) Anger-I hate my ovaries!! All my life they have done awful things to me…they have caused me pain….so much pain!! (Was generally distracted by the trip to Wisconson.)

(Day 3) completely distracted from 6 hours of cheering on anyone who ran by me at the Rev3 1/2 Ironman. (I have also decided that cheer leading is a sport. I was so tired after yelling and jumping up and down all day, it was so much fun. Also got a little thrill out of “The doctor didn’t say I couldn’t jump up and down, so there.)

(Day 4) Bargaining – If I lay on the couch with a heating pad for hours then please let this go away and I won’t ever have to be without running….please. (I proceeded to test out the bargaining by spinning on my trainer for 45 min followed up by circuit work )

(Day 5) Depression- Truly sad that I can not run. Tears and all!! I am also having crazy and irrational fears that I will gain 500lbs. Solution swim more (sticking my tongue out and thumbs down on that).

I have not made it to stage 5- acceptance… I will not!!!! Instead, I have returned to denial, my ovary will not explode if I run or bike. It has not happened yet. It just is angry when I do. I can still bike, just spin on the trainer and so I do.

I have surgery September 4th to show that angry ovary how I really feel, I want you out of my LIFE!!! I want you in the garbage, I want you to never hurt me again!

Until then, the doctor says, “You can not run, you can swim.”. That quote alone leaves me questioning his abilities as a doctor. Telling a runner to swim is like telling a history teacher that the French are great military leaders….ridicules!!!

So, now I sit and look up different stories about the same surgery with hopes that I can recover like an Olympic sprinter and be running 3 days post 4″ cut through my abdominal muscles. I will continue to be irrational until reality hits. Hahaha





Runner, take your marks!


Only a few days out from Champaign and things are changing! The track kids needed a long run day and they want to come run with me in 3-6 mile increments. It will be so much fun to have them by my side, I can’t wait!
Calvin will be on the sidelines supporting my every stride. He will be in charge of rain gear. It is going to be cold and a 40% chance of rain! If it rains this will be my first race in the rain. It’s always more fun in the rain!! My opinion may change if I’m running in it for 1:45.

For all of my friends that are running:
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Run well!