Worst Blogger Ever!


WOW! This has been an unexpected week of craziness! I was not prepared for this!  Also, it has been so long…I’m a blogging slacker!  

I’ll start with this week and the update you on the last few months! (Yes, months (I’m hiding my head in shame!))

Calvin and I have been talking about buying a house…just talking..he needs to be slowly introduced to these ambitious thoughts of mine. He is not easily talked into change, whereas I will willingly jump into new situations.  So, while we were “talking” I convinced him to go look at a house I really liked!  I made the appointment with a friend of a friend (realtor) and asked our good friend Jay to join us (he knows lots about houses).  Off we went, thinking this was just to get an idea of what our $ could buy us.  I fell instantly in love! The house has a reading room, what was I supposed to do, act like I wasn’t impressed?  In addition to that, it has 4 bedrooms (3 for people and 1 for our bikes), a large living room with a fireplace, dinging room, and 2 full baths (with a shower I can stand up in, halleluiah!!).  Oh, and did I mention, it is on E. Washington St.?? So, needless to say I walked out ready to buy and Calvin, was well….cautious Calvin.  We set up a meeting with the loan officer (48 hours later) (another family friend) and applied for a loan. After leaving the bank we meet Julie Burk to make an offer.  One more look at the house with Mom and Dad, we were submitting that offer! We didn’t hear until the next morning if they had a counter offer.  After a few back and forth offers, we come to a compromise and now have the house of our dreams! All that in 72 hours!!


So, if you feel like cleaning, packing, painting, or moving furniture, let me know!


As for the rest of our life and what has been going on training wise:

I don’t really have a lot going on.  I’m maintaining my knowledge and spending a ton of time on the bike (over 700 miles this month). I’m struggling with running right now.  Not the run itself, but just being motivated to do it.  It is so cold out and I really just don’t want to go out in the morning or at night when it is dark.  I have been getting in several weekend miles but slacking on my weekday miles.  I don’t think it is going to be to bad because I have been on the bike so much, but who knows! I don’t have a race until the 1st weekend in April and my base is up to 10 miles.  So, I’m not worried, I’ll do just fine!  That being said I did take a huge step and signed up for the 1/2 Ironman in July, in Springfield! So, this summer is going to be crazy busy! I should get back in the pool one of these days!

I have been doing a great work out: http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/47353825#47353825

Try it out, it will kick your butt..literally!

I’ll post some house pictures soon!

Until next time: May the road rise to meet you!



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