Turkey Trot Of Sorts


Well this has been an interesting an unexpected week! I have been slacking on my runs. Really, I just don’t feel like being cold!! The 1st mile my teeth chatter and I want to crawl back into my house and sit on the heater vent. But I did drag myself out 3 times this week and I always feel better after! I did get my butt handed to me on the trainer a few times this week!! Thanks to BCF hosting the Tuesday trainer rides!!

Wednesday is always a crazy day at school with the kids and turkey ball. Came home, and had a great diner with my parents and then picked out our Christmas tree!! After all that fun we got all snuggled up in bed to awoken by a puke covered son and the joy of cleaning up vomit while half awake. Poor little man continued for 24 hours, I felt so bad for him! He and I missed thanksgiving at the in laws. We stayed home and looked at adds and watched super hero squad. Thank goodness he finally felt better! Unfortunately the amount of laundry he created lasted longer than his flu!

I needed to get out of the house so we headed to my parents after 16 hours of normal Linc. And went For the best run, it was with Hannah, Kris and Cal for 4.5 yesterday, it was our delayed turkey trot!! It is so nice just to spend time with the people I love. We followed our run up with family Thanksgiving with my parents.

Today has been the typical day for a shut in. Cleaning,laundry and turkey sandwiches!

Until next time, may the road rise to meet you!







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