Post race…


I’m officially in week 2 of recovery and have been slacking big time!! I have only ran 2 times.  Thank goodness Annie drug my butt out of the house and made me run 8 miles Saturday or I would feel like a total slug.  I have biked and swam…just don’t feel like putting on the winter gear to run right now!


Oh the race! I need to talk about it.  I have mixed emotions about the race.  This is why:

I felt great going into race morning.  I had the normal butterflies but I knew that I had done what I could with the time I had to be successful at reaching my goal of 4:15.  I started out feeling great. Annie and I were going to run a few miles together and then her crazy fastness was going to take off.  It turned out that our separation would happen rather quickly.  At mile one, I knew my stomach was not going to cooperate.  (If you are not a runner stop reading here, this could be a little uncomfortable)  I ran into the closest Subway (you didn’t know they sponsor me did you? Neither did they.) I was in and out in 1:10 and still had under 9:00 mile and no hope of catching up with Annie.  The next 11 miles went great! I felt great, legs were moving, the people were so supportive.   I Gu=ed a mile 7 with little more than a shudder and kept on trucking.  I was holding an nice comfy 8:45 and on pace for better than my goal.  Mile 12.5 I knew I had to use the bathroom again, so I got in line at the mile 13 portajon (safest portable bathroom made).  I kept my watch running…that was a 13 min mile (AHHHHH) darn potty.  I took off again, thought I could lighten up a little…but my body didn’t need to and held my 8:45/50 pace for another couple of miles…then my stomach again! Mile 16..18…21…you get the picture.. I was so upset! I was right on schedule and now, I was a mess!!! I finished in 4:29.  Not a bad time considering I had surgery just 8 weeks prior but I was on pace to do so much better.  Cal jumped in to help my finish out my last couple of miles and keep me focused (thank goodness!).  After 15+ min wasted using the bathroom, I had no hope for my finishing time to be where I needed it.  This is not to mention at some point during the day it started to sleet, then sprinkle then in the last mile poor.  I have no idea how much the temperature dropped but it got progressively colder as I continued!


Bright side of things: I did PR, we all did! I was able to get another marathon under my belt.  I know what I need to work on for the next one and I had a great weekend with my girls and wonderful supportive husband!

So…next race..I think I’ll test out my nutrition before I run a marathon.  Oh and I’ll not have a surgery mid training and stop running for 4 weeks…and have more then a 17 miler for my longest run.


May the road rise to meet you!


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