I have been humbled!


For the last few weeks I have been proclaiming that I am the female Lance. Being that the ovary is the female testicle and I now do not have one. Just like Lance.

I’m sure we are Facebook friends and that you read these posts for the random comic relief or to show your students all the grammar errors that adults make. I am using this soap box for something different.

I lived in Danvers for a good portion of my life and always a constant neighbor were the Kassebaums. They were the first family to use my baby sitting service (knowing my mom was a house away). I watched their little boy (Rook) who was full of life, super powers and lots of hugs. I continued to babysit for them as they welcomed an equally active little girl. I watched as Rook learned to ride a bike, swing a bat, and eventually become an incredibly successful wrestler. I helped him with his homework, and was terrified along with everyone else when he got his license. I have been lucky to watch him grow up. There was one thing that was always consistent with Rook as he grew up, it has never changed, he has the biggest heart in the world. He can make a friend out of anyone. He gives the best hugs, he puts himself last and is always concerned about everyone else’s well being.
It is understandable when I picked up the phone 2 weeks ago and received awful news that Rook, the outgoing, fun loving young man that I have watched grow up received horrid news. The same news Lance Armstrong received. Rook was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer at the age of 18. My heart broke for him, his family and his friends. The doctors have moved fast and are still planning out his treatment. He will have surgery Thursday and is waiting for the next step.
I feel helpless. What can I do to help this family? How can I help the little boy who could bring a smile to anyone’s face? The Boy Scout who sold popcorn to us, even though we don’t eat it, how do I help him? The boy who would do anything for anyone. So, I’m going to do what I do best. RUN. I’m going to run for Rook. For every mile, I will run in honor of his fight, his strength, and his heart. Before I run, November 3rd I am going I raise $500 for Rook and his family, to help during this time.

This is where I ask you for a pledge, $5-$50 whatever you can afford to help this boy fight.

Message me, email me, call me with your pledge.



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