Oh No!!


Maybe you think I died competing my 1/2 marathon….no, if you are reading this, we talk daily and you feel obligated on two parts to read this: 1. I may publicly humiliate you with my words. 2. I may publicly humiliate you with pictures!

Well as you could guess, I did not die.  As a matter of fact, I felt very alive!  If you have not completed a 1/2 marathon before and have it on your bucket list, the Twin Cities is the one for you! It was so well run and although it was an out and back it was great!  http://www.ecologyactioncenter.org/wctcm/

After the race, I cleaned the house and made an awesome dinner for Cal’s Birthday!

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As a matter of fact, everything is great!! I was able to get another long run in with the wolf pack this weekend, and run again on Sunday.  I also ran 3 times this week and swam!

I made it through the whole week of work without quitting to be a stay at home mom (only if the kids go to school).

I perfected the Rum Chata Martini:

1 Shot Rum Chata

1 Shot Whipped Cream Vodka

2 shots milk

~Shake it up, add a caramel drizzle…enjoy!!

I made the perfect apple pie – Again!
Life is good!

May the road rise to meet you!


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